FAQ for ZeroTier Pricing Enforcement


Why am I getting this update?

    We updated our pricing structure about 7 months ago and now we’re asking our users to move to the new pricing plan. If you’re receiving a notification or find you can’t add new network members then you’ve exceeded the number of admins or network members allowed for your account. 

Historically we’ve almost never enforced limits but we’ve begun to do that recently so we can continue to keep the lights on and ship great software. Our supporters who signed up for the “for life” plan several years ago are grandfathered in but the other previous plans are not.

How do I get onto the new plan?

    You can either upgrade to Professional by going to my.zerotier.com/account to get 500 network members and 10 admins or you can downgrade to Basic by deleting your admin accounts or network members until you have 1 admin and under 50 network members. 

If you have over 500 members or want to embed ZeroTier into a new product, contact us at sales@zerotier.com

What features do I get with the new Professional Plan?

    In addition to up to 10 admins and 500 network members, the Professional Plan has an Organization feature which allows you to add other ZeroTier users under one Organization for billing and administration purposes. 

We offer ticketed support to Professional Plans and more features are on their way soon.

Do my networks still work properly if I’m out of compliance?

    Yes, everything works fine for the old network members you’ve set up. Many people use ZeroTier for critical infrastructure and we make it our highest priority to ensure your service isn't interrupted in relation to the new pricing plan. Our enforcement just blocks your ability to add new members to your network until you’re in compliance with the new plan.