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  1. Make sure you have Administrative Rights on your user.

  2. If you’re attempting to install ZeroTier remotely, please know that installation over RDP is not supported at this time, due to how the MSI installer process works. There is a command-line workaround: msiexec /i "C:\Path\To\ZeroTier One.msi"

  3. Uninstall ZeroTierUninstall any other VPN software that could be conflicting with the ZeroTier setup.

  4. Check for any antivirus software that has additional “Internet Security” features, that could be blocking installation and trying to assume Windows Firewall functionality.

  5. Windows Menu → search for the Network Reset option and follow its instructions.

  6. Reinstall ZeroTier

  7. If you are prompted for a network security zone of Public or Private after installing ZeroTier, please choose Private.

  8. Check ZT Central to remove your old node ID & activate your new one.

  9. If you continue to have issues connecting with other users, please open up port UDP/9993 on your Windows Firewall and your routerTry different combinations of rebooting and reinstalling ZeroTier.

Side note: there were reported VPN issues in certain versions of Windows 10; those have their own fix via Microsoft.